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Interior designers are the masterminds behind creating Lavish and Artistic residential spaces. Interior designing is a multifaceted profession not just limited to designing an aesthetically pleasing interior but also making optimum utilization of the space available with the right kind of decor for the space.

Aren't we all always on the look-out for decor pieces that will make our residences stand out ? Be it Interior designers or just a person interested in accessorizing their home, Decor plays an important role in setting the vibe of a residential space.

Throughout this blog post , I've included some contemporary and trendy decor & furniture pieces. Decor is the ultimate game changer, it will give a 360 degree turn to your residence.

If you are on the quest to find extravagant furniture/decor pieces, Worry no more.

Edgy Marble Top Side tables

Marble is an eye-catching stone that will add the right amount of awe to your home. There are different types of Marble like Calacatta Marble, Calacatta Michelangelo Marble, Calacatta Borghini Marble, Talathello or Silver Beige Marble, Emperador Marble, Crema Marfil Marble, Carrara Marble, and Levadia Black Marble, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Side tables are a smart piece of furniture that will add a modern element to space and also serve as a great place to keep your Flower vase, Lampshade, Scented candles, and books. Marble- top side tables are statement pieces that add a tasteful touch to your Living room. Side tables with Gold/Rose gold accent give the pieces a trendy appearance.With an endless number of marble-plated pieces available in the Market, we need to identify a marble piece with the right finish that will suit the aesthetic of our homes and at the same time adding one with the right shape and size plays an important role in making the interiors look pleasing to the eyes of the beholder.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors

Did someone say Mirrors? Oh yes! We all love looking at the Mirror while passing by don't we or is it just me? If your answer is yes too, then Wall Mirrors are the best addition that will do justice to your home space. Mirrors are the perfect solution to hide any imperfections on your walls like faded paint or a scratch mark. They are an accessory that adds a majestic look to your home. They're available in different shapes, forms sizes and finishes giving you the liberty to play around with them. Placing the Wall mirror on the right location will emphasize your Living room or Dining Room by giving the illusion of more space, which is a great hack for smaller residences. Backlit wall mirrors are also a polished option as they add a dash of light, giving an overall brightness to your residence. Wall mirrors are a great option if you want to add 'life' to an empty wall.

Modern Faux Plants

In recent times, Faux plants have gained immense admiration from designers as they add a fresh look to the entire residential space. Faux planters are available in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Ivy plant, Tropical leaves plant, Agave succulent plant, Prague plant, Bamboo plant, Dracaena plant & Palm plant are some of the options available among many others. Hanging Faux planters with blossoming flowers are also a great addition to your Balcony as they give the space an urbane vibe. These plants are a huge plus as you don’t have to water them, allowing you to go peacefully on your vacation without having to worry about your plants ending up in a sad state. Choosing the right kind of pot or vase with a Gold/Rose gold finish & sophisticated design will add character and volume to the residence. Faux planters will add a lively appearance to your Living room, Porch or the outside of your residence. Get into the green scene by adding one to your home space! #greenvibesonly

Accent Cabinets

Cabinets are a useful piece of furniture that meet your everyday requirements and become an investment to your home. Accent cabinets are made with the ideology of adding an opulent look but also at the same time they serve as massive storage for various items like Crockery, glassware, and Books too. Cabinets are available in finishes like Cherry wood, Maple wood, Oakwood, Alder wood, Hickory wood, Walnut wood, and Pecan wood. Custom-made Cabinets with additions like Carvings and Mirrors add an effortless and timeless appeal to the residence. Accent Cabinets with added drawers provide more space while adding dimension to the furniture piece.

Dainty Lanterns

Lanterns are a sublime source of Light which adds a serene dimension to any place it is being kept. They are available in different shapes, forms, and sizes. Lanterns with intricate cutwork and fancy patterns will add that dynamic factor to your Living Room or balcony. Hanging Lanterns and Roof lanterns are classy options, which add the right amount of Modern or Vintage look depending upon the vibe you are going for. They are available in Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Glass-finish Material with an endless number of Colours and textures. Lanterns can be lit up by simply adding a scented candle (for indoor) or using an LED light for a top-notch effect. Add one to jazz up and add brightness to your home space.

I hope this blog post was helpful for those of you who are always on the hunt for eclectic pieces that add a wow factor to your residence. Just make sure that you don’t over-do anything because “Less is always more” when it comes to decor.

Written by,

Ahmadi Mohajir

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