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Backstage or the green room has always been about chaos. But there is always hidden limelight on the backstage. “Limelights are always on the ramp, but why not on the backstage. A question which hits every person working out there on the backstage, So what keeps them going?”

The vital thing that backstage workers share is passion. “It's hard-work for unsocial hours”.

Backstage is a place where one procures the invariable amount of practical experience, explores numerable opportunities & boosts self-confidence. Each person on the backstage gets different things out of it. Some enjoy the buzz of working with new and different people, some enjoy the thrill when they hear applause from an appreciative audience. “Backstage deserves the limelight”. A huge part of the credits for the success of a show goes to the backstage. The work that goes before & after production to get rid of it is never really seen by most people. It involves teamwork, organization, patience, coordination, creativity, craft, and great communication. Yes, all these elements make one show go magical. That last-minute hustle is always honored & respected. There lies the “limelight”even on the backstage.

Hence, a place where 'learning' and 'working' happens simultaneously. "Limelights are everywhere". They just require the right way of perception to view them

Now coming to my Personal experience:

Firstly I am glad that I was a part of two big events that took place in Chennai. Being a part of the backstage wasn't easy at all. The first show which I was a part of was The Iris glam which made a Guinness world record of having nearly more than 300+ models walking on the ramp on the same night. It was a show which gave me the start. It was my beginning. I was in charge of the outfits, helping the models to get them changed and guide them and at the same time, I was also given an opportunity to walk on the ramp as a model. Being able to participate both as a coordinator and as a model doesn't happen everywhere. Honestly, I have had so much to learn from that show in many aspects. The second one was WV Connect by Wedding Vows. It was a huge event. Aquaab by SFK also made a sequence in it. That was also a nail-biting experience. Every event is all about tears and joy.

"Lastly, nothing ever becomes real till it's experienced."

Written by,

Divya D

Fashion Design student


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